Aerofloor’s VIP Custom Carpets

by Jayden Welsh

Aerofloor’s VIP Custom Carpets

by Jayden Welsh

by Jayden Welsh

Late last year we launched our VIP Custom Carpets which are exclusive to Aerofloor’s customers. These high-quality VIP Carpets are made with 100% New Zealand Wool, the premium brand from Wools of New Zealand, this velvet quality provides a soft hand while maintaining excellent wearability and a softback which makes for easy installation.

 WR125681 Delta

 WR125680 Empire

 WR125682 Manuscript


Delta, Empire and Manuscript are all available in a variety of custom colour combinations with maximum sizes up to 15ft wide x 90ft long allowing for easy installation without the need for joins.

Please see the Pom Chain below for the selection of colours that are available to create your own colour combinations to suit your colour style, we believe these Ranges will inspire your creativity when designing the interior of your next project. Binding yarn is also available for all colours.



You can purchase any of the VIP Custom Carpets or order samples from Aerofloor by getting in touch by email or telephone.

Please also feel free to Contact Us or click on the images for more information.

E: T: 01206 798707

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