AF701/2189 PVC Coated Polyester

by Jayden Welsh

AF701/2189 PVC Coated Polyester

by Jayden Welsh

by Jayden Welsh

AF701/2189 PVC Coated Polyester is a high quality plasticised FR PVC with trimmed edges and a cape texture, this long-standing product has maintained its popularity due to its strength and versatility.

The chemicals involved in its composition allow a wide variety of colour possibilities without compromising the product’s durability and resistance to dirt, mildew, salts, oils, chemicals and UV rays and it’s flame resistance.

All colours of the PVC
Aerofloor’s PVC is a Polymer, coated onto both sides of a Polyester substrate, it is often used for but not limited to upholstery applications, equipment covers, and under-seat emergency bags.

We stock and supply 9 colours ready for immediate despatch (subject to stock levels), MOQ is 3LM and all orders are accompanied by an Aerofloor Burn Test Report and Certificate of Conformity.

Please note Aerofloor Burn Testing is conducted to the following standards:

EASA-CS25.853 (a) App. F, Part 1 (A) 1 (i & ii) and FAR25.853 (a) App. F, Part 1 (A) 1 (i & ii)


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