Axminster Carpets

by Jayden Welsh

Axminster Carpets

by Jayden Welsh

by Jayden Welsh

In 2018 we launched our new carpet ranges made by Axminster, these carpets are high quality and made from a minimum of 80% Pure New Wool which are available in either a Twisted, Tufted or Cable design in a complimentary of colours.

Axminster has 9 Aviation approved ranges and all orders will be accompanied with an Aerofloor Burn Test Report.

We believe the Axminster Carpet Collection brings that extra touch of class and warmth to your Aircraft.

Selection of Axminster Carpets

We have designed sample boards for all the Axminster Ranges that come in an exclusive Axminster sample box.

Know exactly what colour scheme you are looking for? You can order a larger size sample in a specific colour from any range.

Axminster Carpet Sample Boxes Axminster Carpet Sample Boxes


You can purchase any of the Carpet Ranges or order samples from Aerofloor by getting in touch by email or telephone.

Please also feel free to Contact Us or click on the images for more information.

E: T: 01206 798707

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