If everyone did a little, it would go a long way!

by Jayden Welsh

If everyone did a little, it would go a long way!

by Jayden Welsh

by Jayden Welsh

From club sponsorships to well-established charities, Aerofloor believes it is each individual’s and corporations’ responsibility to support and give back to their local community, national trusts and worldwide campaigns.

Therefore Aerofloor contributes to a number of diverse causes and encourages its staff to highlight and suggest more ways to help.

From donations to established charities;

Woodland Trust Charity

Royal Blind Charity


We donate our used Ink Cartridges to the Dogs Trust.

Dogs Trust Charity

Local sponsorship of clubs and teams;

All Saint’s Chess Club

Little Oakley Football

Online purchase commissions and annual events,

Amazon Charities

Save The Children Charities

Christmas Shoe Box & Easter Egg appeal for local children,

Reed Charities

Easter Egg Charities

Most importantly Aerofloor endeavours to continue to play its part in improving lives around the world.

What could you as an individual and as a company be doing to contribute more?


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