The psychology behind aircraft interiors.

by Jayden Welsh

The psychology behind aircraft interiors.

by Jayden Welsh

by Jayden Welsh

Have you ever considered the impact of colours in your industry?

Although there is a huge variety between the colours and designs for different airline brands; have you ever noticed how many commercial aircraft interiors have a common factor…. The colour blue!

There have been hundreds of studies into the psychological impact of colours on human emotions and first impressions and airlines are one of many industries to implement these studies into their designs.

Studies also show the colour blue evokes feelings of calm and relaxation so although not in keeping with the colour of their brand many airlines incorporate varying shades of blue into their final interior designs alongside their brand colour to instil these feelings into their passengers.

Depending on the first impression you want to present and the key characteristics of the product/service/brand you want to promote you might want to consider what different emotions/feelings colours are associated with.

Designs - The Phychology of colours


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