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Aircraft Flammability Testing

Aircraft Flammability Testing

Fire retardant material regulations and testing are widely utilised today to ensure the safety of all passengers, crew members, and of the aircraft itself. For fire retardant materials to be certified for use in an aircraft, they need to be thoroughly tested to ensure that the materials don’t decrease the existing levels of safety. This is done through the use of the following flammability testing methods that we’ll cover in this article.

Testing can be used to simulate the effects of a real fire and to measure the ability of items to continue to function, to quickly self-extinguish, and ensure re-ignition cannot occur.

Certifying interior materials and components to established regulatory flammability requirements are critical to aviation safety. The development of testing standards, and vigilant compliance with those standards, has undoubtedly saved lives and reduced passenger and crew injuries in aircraft accidents.

However, the process of certification can be confusing to those trying to introduce new materials into aircraft cabin designs. If their compositions have not been previously tested, these can react in unexpected ways when exposed to flame.

Aerofloor's Burn Test Laboratory

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

AF2173/3262 Sheepskins

This month’s feature is our aviation approved Sheepskins, which are available in a range of colours making them a perfect addition to compliment any cockpit colour scheme.

They provide a touch of elegance making them ideal for any interior whether it be aircraft or helicopter.

Aviation Sheepskin Hides

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We remain open for business

Dear Valued Customer.

Due to recent developments and the spread of COVID-19, we feel it is important to connect directly with you about the steps we are taking to help keep you and our employees safe and healthy.

We have raised our efforts to maintain the most sanitary environment possible and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

We are ensuring that all our staff has the information they need to stay healthy or to stay home if they aren’t feeling well.

We would like to reassure you that Aerofloor Limited are doing all we can to continue business as usual for the foreseeable future.

Our current stock levels are good, with more of our popular products due to arrive in the coming weeks.

Despite travel restrictions on individuals, we are not aware of any restrictions on the movement of goods, but lead-times may be increased. We are in regular contact with our designated couriers and suppliers and we will update you accordingly as more information is released.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Thank you.

Aerofloor Limited

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100% New Zealand Wool Carpets

Showcasing Our Luxury 100% New Zealand Wool Carpets.

We have 12 Aviation Approved Ranges to offer to you.

These carpets are of high quality and made from 100% New Zealand Wool. Available in a two-loop design or a stylish velvet design. All ranges have been specially constructed allowing the carpets to be installed in a dropped aisle without revealing the backing.

With Binding Yarn available in all colours too! We believe this Carpet Collection will bring that extra touch of class and warmth to your Aircraft.

All orders will be accompanied by an Aerofloor Burn Test Report.

AF2009/3198 – Bravo
A beautiful & high performing range with a textured two-loop pile style therefore is very durable.

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Price Reduction on large orders

Aerofloor is now offering our customers a price reduction on large orders across many of our products and this applies to all colours in their respective ranges.

Please see below for price details and click the Range Name for more information on the materials themselves.

Loncoin II

AF476/1957 Coindot Flooring 1-4 Full Rolls £59.50 per SQ YD
5-9 Full Rolls £57.75 per SQ YD
10+ Full Rolls £56.18 per SQ YD


Aeroclad – Both Pimple & Stud

AF6/1472 Pimple 3 -14 LM £37.08 per LM
15 LM (full roll) £28.72 per LM
    5 + Full Rolls £26.87 per LM
AF33/1499 Stud 3 -14 LM £37.08 per LM
15 LM (full roll) £28.72 per LM
    5 + Full Rolls £26.87 per LM

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New Galley Flooring Available

Galley Flooring
Our aviation galley flooring collections feature differently scaled coin-stampings that provide a variety of choice in terms of colour and design. As well as outstanding traction which aids in reducing the risk of slipping.

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