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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

100% New Zealand Wool Carpets

Showcasing Our Luxury 100% New Zealand Wool Carpets.

We have 12 Aviation Approved Ranges to offer to you.

These carpets are of high quality and made from 100% New Zealand Wool. Available in a two-loop design or a stylish velvet design. All ranges have been specially constructed allowing the carpets to be installed in a dropped aisle without revealing the backing.

With Binding Yarn available in all colours too! We believe this Carpet Collection will bring that extra touch of class and warmth to your Aircraft.

All orders will be accompanied by an Aerofloor Burn Test Report.

AF2009/3198 – Bravo
A beautiful & high performing range with a textured two-loop pile style therefore is very durable.

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

Price Reduction on large orders

Aerofloor is now offering our customers a price reduction on large orders across many of our products and this applies to all colours in their respective ranges.

Please see below for price details and click the Range Name for more information on the materials themselves.

Loncoin II

AF476/1957 Coindot Flooring 1-4 Full Rolls £59.50 per SQ YD
5-9 Full Rolls £57.75 per SQ YD
10+ Full Rolls £56.18 per SQ YD


Aeroclad – Both Pimple & Stud

AF6/1472 Pimple 3 -14 LM £37.08 per LM
15 LM (full roll) £28.72 per LM
    5 + Full Rolls £26.87 per LM
AF33/1499 Stud 3 -14 LM £37.08 per LM
15 LM (full roll) £28.72 per LM
    5 + Full Rolls £26.87 per LM

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

New Galley Flooring Available

Galley Flooring
Our aviation galley flooring collections feature differently scaled coin-stampings that provide a variety of choice in terms of colour and design. As well as outstanding traction which aids in reducing the risk of slipping.

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

Loncoin Flooring

Over the years we have heard AF476/1957 – Loncoin referred to in several different ways, coindot, wet carpet, moon matting and aircraft NTF flooring to name but a few but everyone is referring to the same product, Loncoin II Coindot Flooring.

Aerofloor Limited is Lonseal’s appointed European distributor of their flooring. We hold the four most popular colours in stock; 195 Navy Blue, 193 Medium Grey, 187 Cerulean Blue, and 183 Sonic Grey.

stocked loncoin flooring colours
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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

Aerofloor Needs You!

Aerofloor has proudly been providing Aeroclad to the aviation industry for over 20 years but understands the evolution of aircraft interior designs is ever-changing.

We have always stock and supplied 5 colours in the AF6/1472 – Pimple Range & 4 colours in AF33/1499 – Stud.

Although a variety of custom colours are currently available, they have a 500 linear meters MOQ.

For that reason, we would like to know if there is a colour you would like to see Aerofloor stock? Therefore this would reduce the MOQ to 3 linear meters.

New Colours Chart for Aeroclad
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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

Stay in trend

Aerofloor is proud of our diverse range of wood effect floorings, combining a variety of colours, textures and patterns we are sure to have something that compliments your cabin interior.

AF2195/3284 Madera

With our biggest variety of colours, these realistic and natural-looking designs are sure to bring a touch of nature into your cabin interiors, creating a beautiful look on any aircraft.

Madera is made up of a Flame Retardant PVC which features a clear top layer providing slip and wear resistance which can be used throughout your Aircraft, including any wet areas, giving your Aircraft a stylish and sophisticated look whilst most importantly providing a safety aspect.

This flooring meets FAR25.793 Factor of Sliding friction.

Madera - Wood Effect Flooring
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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

Get the look…


We have put together some colour designs to inspire your new Interior Design Project.

AF2168/3257 - Wing Textile AF2166/3255 - Patina Textile

AF2142/3231 Lonvirga Flooring AF2201/3290 - Lontrail Flooring

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

Keeping it clean just became easy!

Take a look at our Aviation Cleaning Products Range to find out how!


Aeroab - Cleaning Products

Aerofab- Cleaning Products

An essential for the cleanliness of all your interior soft furnishings.

From curtains to seats and carpets this versatile product uses concentrated enzymes to break down protein-based deposits at the source.

Highly effective on the usual accidents and spills, it not only breaks down vomit, faeces and sweat but also foods and drink spills such as wine, gravy, milk etc.

Allowing you to keep your aircraft interior clean without impacting the environment, this product is biodegradable and non-flammable.

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

Aerofloor’s VIP Custom Carpets

Late last year we launched our VIP Custom Carpets which are exclusive to Aerofloor’s customers. These high-quality VIP Carpets are made with 100% New Zealand Wool, the premium brand from Wools of New Zealand, this velvet quality provides a soft hand while maintaining excellent wearability and a softback which makes for easy installation.

 WR125681 Delta

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

Aeroclad supplier for Over 20 years

Aerofloor prides itself on being the sole supplier of Aeroclad for well over 20 years.

Aeroclad is a versatile and popular flooring ideal for use on stairs, galleys and stowage areas and is widely used by our Helicopter customer base, due to its lightweight durable quality.

The flooring is available in two textures: Stud and Pimple

Aeroclad Stud Aeroclad Pimple

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