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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

If everyone did a little, it would go a long way!

From club sponsorships to well-established charities, Aerofloor believes it is each individual’s and corporations’ responsibility to support and give back to their local community, national trusts and worldwide campaigns.

Therefore Aerofloor contributes to a number of diverse causes and encourages its staff to highlight and suggest more ways to help.

From donations to established charities;

Woodland Trust Charity

Royal Blind Charity

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019

Aerofloor’s is excited to announce our Managing Director, David Welsh and our Operations Manager, Wayne Woods, will be making the trip over to Hamburg for the Aircraft Interiors Expo next week, 2nd – 4th April and look forward to meeting with new and existing customers and suppliers.

Here at Aerofloor we pride ourselves in keeping up to date with industry changes and trends and look forward to seeing what the future of aircraft interiors has in store.

Please click the image for more information on the expo.


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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

Leather – Is this material still up to date?

With Leather artefacts being used as long ago as 1300 BC as the first type of primitive clothing for humankind there is no doubt of the versatility and appeal of this diverse product.

It’s natural warmth, durability and strength has only increased with modern tanning methods creating an elegant, chic and desirable material.

Leather Leather

With the continuous rise and demand for meat products, the leather industry certainly ensures the skins of these animals are not wasted; as humans have done for centuries.

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh


Aerofloor prides itself on being the sole supplier of this versatile and popular flooring product for well over 20 years.

Aeroclad is ideal for using on stairs, galleys and stowage areas and is widely used by our Helicopter customer base, due to its light weight durable quality.

The flooring is available in two textures: Stud and Pimple

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

Axminster Carpets

In 2018 we launched our new carpet ranges made by Axminster, these carpets are high quality and made from a minimum of 80% Pure New Wool which are available in either a Twisted, Tufted or Cable design in a complimentary of colours.

Axminster has 9 Aviation approved ranges and all orders will be accompanied with an Aerofloor Burn Test Report.

We believe the Axminster Carpet Collection brings that extra touch of class and warmth to your Aircraft.

Selection of Axminster Carpets

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

The psychology behind aircraft interiors.

Have you ever considered the impact of colours in your industry?

Although there is a huge variety between the colours and designs for different airline brands; have you ever noticed how many commercial aircraft interiors have a common factor…. The colour blue!

There have been hundreds of studies into the psychological impact of colours on human emotions and first impressions and airlines are one of many industries to implement these studies into their designs.

Studies also show the colour blue evokes feelings of calm and relaxation so although not in keeping with the colour of their brand many airlines incorporate varying shades of blue into their final interior designs alongside their brand colour to instil these feelings into their passengers.

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

Our Environmental Policy

Aerofloor is acutely aware of its moral responsibilities towards helping the environmental issues and even though it has no processes that directly cause harm. We recognise that all operations have an impact on carbon emissions, global warming etc. It also recognises that everyone has a part to play in making the planet greener and cleaner.

We are committed to the use and purchase of environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, reusable and recyclable products to reduce our impact.

As a company, we also endeavour to perform business electronically to reduce paper usage. Where incoming paper or documents created by us are no longer required, we will re-use the paper as scrap where possible, or recycle it.

Where means exist to do so, we will also recycle all toner cartridges used in printers or photocopiers.

Environmental Images

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

New Stock of Sheepskins

Aerofloor offers genuine sheepskins that have been ironed/electrified to remove the natural curl of the skin in a variety of colours that will complement any décor.

All colours of Sheepskins

Approved for aviation use, these skins compliment the majority of cockpit interiors. These superior quality sheepskins help to provide both luxury and comfort to the pilot (and co-pilot) by helping to regulate their body temperature which is particularly useful for any long-haul flight. They are cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and offer moisture-absorption properties.

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by Jayden Welsh Jayden Welsh

Women in aviation – It’s no longer a man’s world?

It was only as recent as 1909 that Baroness Raymonde De Laroche became the first female pilot to fly solo.

However, it would take another 25 years before the first female co-pilot of a commercial aircraft was able to break into this male dominated industry. Emily Howell Warner then had to persevere for another 42 years before finally becoming the first female captain of a commercial aircraft in 1976.

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