Leather – Is this material still up to date?

by Jayden Welsh

Leather – Is this material still up to date?

by Jayden Welsh

by Jayden Welsh

With Leather artefacts being used as long ago as 1300 BC as the first type of primitive clothing for humankind there is no doubt of the versatility and appeal of this diverse product.

It’s natural warmth, durability and strength has only increased with modern tanning methods creating an elegant, chic and desirable material.

Leather Leather

With the continuous rise and demand for meat products, the leather industry certainly ensures the skins of these animals are not wasted; as humans have done for centuries.

From soft leather to a more waterproof finish, the versatility of this product can be seen throughout the world.

Leather has been used throughout the aviation industry for many years due to its high-quality finishes and variety of colours. Therefore is often used for pilot seat covers or VIP interiors due to its natural ability to regulate body temperature and provide extra comfort.

Man cutting Leather Leather & Equipment


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