Loncoin Flooring

by Jayden Welsh

Loncoin Flooring

by Jayden Welsh

by Jayden Welsh

Over the years we have heard AF476/1957 – Loncoin referred to in several different ways, coindot, wet carpet, moon matting and aircraft NTF flooring to name but a few but everyone is referring to the same product, Loncoin II Coindot Flooring.

Aerofloor Limited is Lonseal’s appointed European distributor of their flooring. We hold the four most popular colours in stock; 195 Navy Blue, 193 Medium Grey, 187 Cerulean Blue, and 183 Sonic Grey.

stocked loncoin flooring colours

Our MOQ’s are as follows;

Stock Roll Size:
6 FT FULL ROLLS: 20 LY x 2 LY wide = 40 SQ YARDS.
6 FT MOQ/CUTS: 5 LY x 2 LY wide = 10 SQ YDS
(increments of 5 LY thereafter)

Non-Stock Special Import Roll Size:
6 FT FULL ROLLS: 40 SQ YDS (20 LY x 2 LY wide).
MOQ/CUTS: 1 LY x width
(increments of whole LY thereafter).

Loncoin is generally used in galley, entrance and aisle ways and lavatories. The flooring has excellent slip resistance making it ideal for these kinds of locations and is fitted as standard in both military and commercial aircraft. The flooring is 30% lighter than standard NTF flooring products, potentially increasing fuel efficiency.

AF476/1957 – Loncoin is an FR PVC flooring constructed in three layers with excellent slip resistance featuring a raised 20mm diametre stud, sound absorption and dimensional stability properties, this flooring meets FAR25.793 Factor of Sliding friction.


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