Keeping it clean just became easy!

by Jayden Welsh

Keeping it clean just became easy!

by Jayden Welsh

by Jayden Welsh

Take a look at our Aviation Cleaning Products Range to find out how!


Aeroab - Cleaning Products

Aerofab- Cleaning Products

An essential for the cleanliness of all your interior soft furnishings.

From curtains to seats and carpets this versatile product uses concentrated enzymes to break down protein-based deposits at the source.

Highly effective on the usual accidents and spills, it not only breaks down vomit, faeces and sweat but also foods and drink spills such as wine, gravy, milk etc.

Allowing you to keep your aircraft interior clean without impacting the environment, this product is biodegradable and non-flammable.


Aeroglas - Cleaning Products

Aeroglas - Cleaning Products

Make your textiles last longer with the first aerospace approved flexible glass nano-coating.

This outstanding product provides your textiles with water and oil-repellent coating that last up to a year and is acidic and alkali resistant.

Aeroglas appliedwithout Aeroglas applied

Images are representing with Aeroglas applied and without Aeroglas applied.

It also helps reduce cabin odours with its anti-microbial properties.


Bacoban - Cleaning Products

Bacoban - Cleaning Products

Protect your passengers and crew with this unique antibacterial disinfectant specifically designed for the aerospace industry.

Unlike most disinfectants which will kill the bacteria/viruses etc when used, this product will provide continuous protection against bacteria, viruses and Fungai for up to 10 days.

This innovative solution dramatically reduces the spread of these germs throughout the aircraft keeping your crew and passengers safe and healthy.


Aerowash - Cleaning Products

Aerowash - Cleaning Products

Keep the exterior of your aircraft looking new with this heavy-duty external cleaner.

Ideal for cutting through dirt, oil, hydrocarbon materials, bug spatter and de-icer residue, this product can be used on most external areas of your aircraft and can be used in conjunction with foam cleaning equipment.

The surfactants contained in this preparation comply with the biodegradability criteria as laid down in Regulation (EC) 648/2004 on detergents.


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