Aeroclad supplier for Over 20 years

by Jayden Welsh

Aeroclad supplier for Over 20 years

by Jayden Welsh

by Jayden Welsh

Aerofloor prides itself on being the sole supplier of Aeroclad for well over 20 years.

Aeroclad is a versatile and popular flooring ideal for use on stairs, galleys and stowage areas and is widely used by our Helicopter customer base, due to its lightweight durable quality.

The flooring is available in two textures: Stud and Pimple

Aeroclad Stud Aeroclad Pimple

The AF33/1499 – Stud design is available in four different colours, Mahogany, Gunmetal, Granite and Eel Blue.

Aeroclad Stud Selection

The AF6/1472 – Pimple is available in five different colours, Mahogany, Gunmetal, Granite, Eel Blue and Ivory.

Aeroclad Pimple Selection Aeroclad Ivory Pimple

We are able to produce custom colours but these would carry a minimum order quantity of 500 linear metres.


You can purchase Aeroclad or order samples from Aerofloor by getting in touch by email or telephone.

Please also feel free to Contact Us or click on the images for more information.

E: T: 01206 798707

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