AeroFab is an effective, concentrated enzymatic preparation for breaking down protein-based deposits at source, thereby removing organic stains and reducing associated unpleasant malodors.

The product can be used neat as a pre-spotter & diluted 1:10 for general stain removal & soft fabric cleaning. AeroFab combines biodegradable surfactants for effective cleaning & is suitable for use on most surfaces. In addition, the enzymes are also biodegradable & friendly to the environment.

Application Areas: Curtains, Seats, Cushions, Rugs, Carpets etc.
MOQ: 1 x 5 ltr jerry can, multiples of 5 ltrs thereafter.
Availability: Ex stock Aerofloor, subject to stock remaining unsold.
Certification: All supplies will be accompanied by a C of C for traceability purposes only.
Quality Assurance: Aerofloor Ltd is independently accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2015
Important Information: Application of the AeroFab does not in anyway eradicate any FR treatment that has already been applied.

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