AeroGlas is the world’s first aerospace-approved nano-coating for aircraft carpets. Containing no fluorocarbons or silicones, only hard-wearing glass, coated carpets will preserve that “new look” longer, extending the life of the carpet.

The coating will not be removed by normal carpet extraction cleaning procedures. Ultra-thin (150 NM – 400 times thinner than a human hair) pure Glass (SiO2) coating with anti-microbial properties which helps in the reduction of cabin odours. The coating is oleophobic, hydrophobic, flexible and resistant to acids, alkali and solvents.

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Preparation: Before application of Aeroglas, ensure that the carpet is clean and dry. Applying any protector onto soiled carpets will not result in an effective coating.
Health & Safety: Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If contact is made wash areas with clean water for at least fifteen minutes. Seek medical advice if irritation or adverse symptoms develop.
MOQ: 1 x 5 ltr jerry can, multiples of 5 ltrs thereafter.
Availability: Ex stock Aerofloor, subject to stock remaining unsold.
Certification: All supplies will be accompanied by a C of C for traceability purposes only.
Important Information: Application of the Aeroglas does not in anyway eradicate any FR treatment that has already been applied.

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