Leather Soap

Leather Soap

Leather Soap gently removes dirt, grime, body oils and lotions, leaving you with a surface ready for conditioning/protecting with Leather Care.

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Application: Spray the diluted solution with a hand spray bottle either directly onto the surface or a microfibre cloth, wipe over surface.
MOQ: 1 x 3.86 ltr bottles, multiples of 3.86 ltrs thereafter. (3.86 ltrs = 1 US gallon)
Availability: 7/14 working days, subject to stock remaining unsold.
Certification: All supplies will be accompanied by a C of C for traceability purposes only.
Important Information: Application of the Leather Soap does not in anyway eradicate any FR treatment that has already been applied.


Please feel free to request a sample of our Leather Soap.

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