Stay in trend

by Jayden Welsh

Stay in trend

by Jayden Welsh

by Jayden Welsh

Aerofloor is proud of our diverse range of wood effect floorings, combining a variety of colours, textures and patterns we are sure to have something that compliments your cabin interior.

AF2195/3284 Madera

With our biggest variety of colours, these realistic and natural-looking designs are sure to bring a touch of nature into your cabin interiors, creating a beautiful look on any aircraft.

Madera is made up of a Flame Retardant PVC which features a clear top layer providing slip and wear resistance which can be used throughout your Aircraft, including any wet areas, giving your Aircraft a stylish and sophisticated look whilst most importantly providing a safety aspect.

This flooring meets FAR25.793 Factor of Sliding friction.

Madera - Wood Effect Flooring

AF2201/3290 Loncontrail

With these powerful and sophisticated colours, Loncontrail brings a chic and modern look to your cabin interior, creating a dynamic and professional feature for your aircraft.

Loncontrail resembles a natural striated wood look with a thick combed design. The continuous brush stroke soothes an environment that may be otherwise filled with anxiety and stress. It creates order in a demanding space and brings in a sense of harmony and balance.

This flooring meets FAR25.793 Factor of Sliding friction.

Loncontrail - Wood Effect Flooring

AF2143/3232 Lonmistral

These extraordinary designs are sure to make your cabin interior stand out with their striking and exaggerated wood effect design. Not only bringing a touch of class and warmth to your aircraft but also helps to mask dirt and other blemishes.

This flooring meets FAR25.793 Factor of Sliding friction.

Lonmistral - Wood Effect Flooring

AF2142/3231 Lonvirga

These warm, comforting and realistic tones and patterns are sure to create a relaxed and serene environment in any cabin. The neutral colour range allows this product to compliment your overall cabin design, allowing you to get the look you really want.

This flooring meets FAR25.793 Factor of Sliding friction.

Lonvirga - Wood Effect Flooring



You can purchase any of our wood effect flooring ranges or order samples from Aerofloor by getting in touch.

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